My name is Leah.

I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, a photographer, friend, daughter…  I love to read.  Sometimes I like to write.  And I love to photograph.

I named this blog “Ladies and Jents” because, well, our last name is Jent.  So I’m a lady and a Jent.  😉

This is where you will find a little glimpse into our life. I share this joyful life with my husband Nate and our three children, Noah, Lucas, and Claire. We have a tiny house full of big dreams and lots of noise. We are just starting to homeschool, beginning with Kindergarten for Noah, which means lots of reading out loud and daily art and talking walks and being silly. So you might read about us laying around in the backyard looking at the clouds or sitting at the table doing math or taking long afternoon naps. You will see kids and messes and laughs and maybe some tears, too. You probably won’t ever see a completely tidy house or a perfectly starched shirt, but you might see something that feels familiar, something that reflects your own family life back at you.

Happy reading!



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