Happy Easter

For Easter Sunday, we went to Mass in Dayton, followed by a church Easter Egg Hunt, and then we spent the afternoon at grandma’s house where we had a second Easter Egg Hunt with our nieces and nephews.  Here are a few pictures from our church Easter Egg Hunt…







And here is our Easter Egg Hunt at grandma’s house…







Happy Easter from all of us!




I was rather sick with a stomach virus on Christmas morning, but I still got up and took a few pictures while the kids were opening presents.  Then I crawled upstairs to go back to bed.

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A few days later (after all the sickness had passed!), we went to Grandma and Grandpa Jent’s house for more Christmas.

DSC_2970 DSC_2971 DSC_2978 DSC_2980 DSC_2982 DSC_2985 DSC_2986 DSC_2990 DSC_2991 DSC_2994 DSC_2997 DSC_3003

Over the holidays, my brother had the flu and we had a stomach virus, so we kept postponing Christmas with my parents.  A couple weeks after Christmas, we were finally able to go to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner.



Trick or Treat

Sarah came down on Halloween with Isabella and Jacob so we could all go trick-or-treating together (I twisted Sarah’s arm). We only took a handful of pictures on the porch since it was raining, and I didn’t take my camera out with us.

Our three ninjas, Lucas, Isabella and Noah. Noah originally chose a Transformers costume (Optimus Prime), but once we got home from the store and tried them on, he was jealous of Lucas’ swords and daggers, so he asked if he could change his mind and be a ninja, too. It’s all about the accessories.

Jacob asked to be a spider.  Not Spiderman – a spider.  So Sarah made him four more legs to add to his four limbs.  This costume got so drenched; those spider legs really soaked up the rainwater!

My Claire-bear as an elephant. This costume has now been used for each of my three babies. Awww…

Immaculate Heart Cookies

On the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I got an email from my sister-in-law Amy, wishing me a happy feastday, and she sent me a link to a recipe for “Immaculate Heart playdough cookies.” I decided at the very last second that since we had all the ingredients in the house, we would spend the day making these cookies. Our cookies had three pieces: the heart, the roses, and the flame. We dyed our dough pink, red, yellow and orange and left some white for the roses. I showed the boys how to roll little roses and how to make the rest of the pieces, and they had a lot of fun putting these cookies together and talking about Mary. It took us most of the day to make them, and we definitely enjoyed eating them! But I think I’ll make them half the size next time. I think the recipe can make two dozen pretty easily, but we only made one dozen and they were HUGE! These cookies can really be made into any shape or color and adapted for any holiday.

Our Immaculate Heart of Mary picture in the living room. I showed this to the boys as we were getting ready to shape our dough, so they could see the heart, the roses and the flame on top.
The ingredients.
Lucas helped make the dough while Noah was napping.

Claire played with a wooden spoon.  She REALLY liked it.

The dough after separating and coloring it.

Lots of roses, 4 for each cookie.
One of the cookies, ready to go into the oven.
Noah wanted to make “Jesus’ heart,” too, so he fashioned a little crown of thorns to make the Sacred Heart.
The boys putting all the pieces together.
A couple of the cookies warm from the oven.
A big bite.  🙂